The Dawg & The Hospital

A week ago today, The Dawg had a colonoscopy. (Read more about The Dawg by clicking on the link; there are other posts about him as well.)

Lots of people have had colonoscopies, and those of us who've had the experience always seem to complain about the stuff you have to drink for the 24 hours before the procedure.

This time, the doctor found and removed three polyps. We're still waiting for the biopsy results.

Then on Thursday, he had to be transported to ER by EMS with profuse bleeding. He lost consciousness twice for short periods.

Anyway, he spent two nights in ICU before being moved to a private room late on Saturday.

Fortunately, The Dawg has been a good patient. He obeys the doctor's orders and hasn't complained, at least not much.

The hospital was NOT his first choice of places from which to watch the Super Bowl. However, it was a good place for avoiding arguments during the game!


Sandee said...

I just had one done (sigmoid) and they found one polyp. I too am awaiting the pathology report.

I had the short one and did that awake. After he found the polyp he did the test over. May I say...NEVER do the test awake.

I hope the Dawg gets to come home soon.

Have a terrific day. :)

Da Old Man said...

I had one last year, and the stuff had a "pleasant taste." I can't eat or drink pineapple since then.
Fortunately, everything was fine.
I've watched a Super Bowl in the hospital, and you are right. Not the best place to watch one.
Hoping for the best possible outcomes.

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