Sighs? of Improvement

Well, The Dawg has been in the hospital several days but he's finally getting better. This improvement is not an official diagnosis. Instead, it's a diagnosis by "yours truly" based on observation.

For example, he's complaining about having to wear a dress. The dress is the hospital gown. It gets in his way when he gets in and out of bed.

And, of course, it opens in the back. He's not used to having to deal with checking the back of a "dress" before he walks down the hall.

Then there's the remote for the TV in the hospital room. It doesn't go up and down - just up. All the way to 125 channels. Switching channels is not real convenient. And he likes to switch channels. Often.

Yep, these are good signs. He is definitely getting better. We can relax. Maybe there are "sighs" of improvement as well as signs of improvement.


Sandee said...

Yep, this sounds promising. I laughed out loud with the dress part. I can so see this being a problem for men. Women no, men yes.

As for the remote. Don't all men do this? I know mine did when we still had television. I couldn't stand to watch television with him.

Have a terrific day. :)

Anonymous said...

Thank goodness he's getting better. I can slightly identify because I had my first (studiously postponed) colon-upa-ski several months ago.

The nice nurse asked how I was when we got there after a long night of prep. I will always regret that I didn't answer with an Italian accept, "Normally, I would say I'ma so happy I coulda just s!xt."

Best wishes.

Unknown said...

last time FabGrandpa was in the hospital, they put remote sensors on HIM for his vital signs. He could go down three floors and outside the hospital to smoke and they knew where he was at all times. It was a compromise. He was sick and needed treatment, but refused to stay in the hospital if they wouldn't let him smoke.

Oh, and the bed they put him in? It 'breathed', it would fill up with air, then deflate itself, to "keep the patient mobile". What? he said every time he got comfortable, the dang bed would start moving. Good thing they only kept him 4 days.

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