What Should I Call Him?

What in the world do you call a long-time dating companion when you’re, uh, older?
The Dawg and I have been seeing each other for over a year now, but we don’t know what to call each other to friends. Most terms are designed for young people, not for those of us over 50. (He just turned 78; I'll be 59 this month.)
“Boyfriend” and “girlfriend” sound awfully elementary, don’t you think? And it sounds almost ancient to say one is “going steady.” Whatever that means, if anything.
There are terms that sound right for folks who are living together, like companion, significant other, roommate, housemate, partner. But we’re not living together.
One person offered “lover” but that doesn’t sound like the way I’d like to introduce someone at a family reunion or at church.
Introducing The Dawg as “my friend” doesn’t give the proper significance to the relationship. That sounds almost too casual.
Someone suggested “special friend” – but, the truth is, I’ve got several people who are very special friends to me, not dates or anything like that, but just really good and very special friends.
Then there’s “close friend.” But that’s about the same as special friend.
Another option is “beau” but that sounds sorta like the 1890s or some time long ago. Weren’t those the guys who went courting?
I don’t want to introduce The Dawg as “my main squeeze.” After all, he’s my only squeeze.
On one or two occasions, I’ve called him “my honey.” That seemed to embarrass him.
Any ideas? If so, share 'em on this site.
Of course, if The Dawg reads all the stuff I write about him, I might not need to worry about how to introduce him. He might call me history.


PS -- He didn't call me history; in fact, we took THE big step. I can call him hubby now, but I think I'll stick with The Dawg.


Anonymous said...

Hummmmmmm...that's a toughie! How about running buddy or traveling companion....or just Carroll:) It's apparent when y'all are togtether that you're "together". I'll keep my English major head on it and see if I can capture the spirit of your affection.

Unknown said...

Brother Shawn wrote:
What's wrong with companion?
-shawn :-)

A friend, Kendall, wrote: Hahahahaa, just call him your man.

Going Like Sixty said...

Do the guy a favor: Call him your stud! your hunka-hunka burnin' love! your Righteous #1 Dude!

Unknown said...

To goinglikesixty.com -- I think he'll love your suggestions!

Unknown said...

Harry just wrote: How about the great word that describes it all--SWEETHEART.

Going Like Sixty said...

OK, I'm a noob to your blog, so who's Harry? Does he know about The Dawg?
You're in my RSS, so I'll try to keep up from now on.

Unknown said...

To goinglikesixty.com: Yes, Harry knows The Dawg.

Anonymous said...

Dear Sherry:
Rita and I found each other after we were both over 60. She was then and is now my friend, companion, lover, and soulmate. I would use companion. It can mean a little or a lot and those around you will know soon enough if it is the former or the latter.

As long as you have that bright smile and are loving life as your picture so clearly indicates you have everything you need.


Anonymous said...

Just call him your beau. Nothing wrong with going a little old-fashioned. I think it's perfect.

Clara said...

When Rick and I met (he was 34,I was 40), I introduced him as my friend. Before long, people could tell by how we looked at each other and the sound of our names on each other's lips that the quality of 'friend' was changing. Then I started calling him my fiancé. Now he is my MWH (Most Wonderful Husband) of 16 and a half years. People will know he's special to you no matter what you call him. You're blessed to have a great guy in your life!

BTW, thanks for stopping by to visit!

Anonymous said...

You could be humorous and simply introduce him as your pet dawg!


Unknown said...

To Frank, Ariel, Clara & Robin: Thanks for your suggestions and comments. Ariel says there's nothing wrong with beau and going old-fashioned. Well, I'm sorta old-fashioned anyway, so I guess that works. But Robin's suggestion of pet dawg might work also. There's a previous post as to why he's called The Dawg.

Martha said...

I just love your blog. I feel as if I know you so well and just know if we lived near each other, we'd be good friends. I definitely think you should call your friend, "My Dawg." Why not? He's yours and he's the Dawg, soooooo. I also like "Pet Dawg" so alternate between the two :-).

Unknown said...

Wow! Thanks, Martha. What a compliment!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my blog! It's funny you wrote this post. When my mom started dating 16 years after my dad passed away, I couldn't call her, "significant other" her boyfriend- he was 63 and she was 59. So- I code named him the "man-friend." Sounds more dignified. Too bad he wasn't. :)

Bev Chrisman said...

How about "my guy". BTW...is his name Carroll.....my husband is also Carroll. He is my high school sweetheart and we got back together after 45 years and I called him "my guy" until he became my husband. He says he has always been "my guy"....that I just made a mistake when I turned him down over 45 years ago. :) I am so glad (and fortunate) that I did not turn him down this time!! Life is wonderful!!

Unknown said...

Beth and Bev: Thanks for your comments also. Beth, sorry he didn't turn out to be a real friend. Bev, yes, his name is Carroll. Apparently over the years, he has been called Carroll, Cal, Smitty (his last name is Smith) and several other names, as well as The Dawg.

Unknown said...

From Margaret Mathis: Hi Sherry,After my divorce,I had a friend and he introduced me as his lady Margaret,and I introduced him as my partner,Jack.Kinda British,huh!!! What"cha think???Luv'ya Margaret

Sandee said...

My best friend? This is indeed a very tough question. :)

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