Getting Needled!

           Have you ever been needled?

            I have. 

            This time, I’m not talking about whether someone has annoyed you or irritated you, i.e. needled you.  I’m talking about having needles put all over your body – inserted through your skin.

            Aside from having various injections for ongoing problems, last week I received acupuncture.  During acupuncture treatment, long thin needles are inserted at various points.

            It’s the points that I don’t understand. 

            For sciatic pain in my left hip and leg, the acupuncturist placed a bunch of needles all over my right arm.   I don’t understand how needles puncturing my right arm help relieve pain in my left hip.  But they do.

            Then, to treat chronic sinus problems, the acupuncturist put needles in both of my knees. 

            Yes, I know; it sounds crazy.  It even feels somewhat crazy.

            The acupuncturist explained that her method of treatment should be viewed much as a light switch and a light.  To turn on an overhead light, it’s not necessary that the switch be right next to the light fixture.  Most of us know that the switch is on the wall next to a door, yet a flip of the switch causes the light to come on. 

            There’s a kind of energy that runs through our systems.  If it becomes unbalanced, someone needs to flip the switch to return the balance, to get the energy train back on the tracks.  Acupuncture involves putting needles at certain points in the body to help reverse or change the flow of energy.

            I guess it turns out that ol’ Ezekiel had it right all along about all of “dem bones” being connected.  The bones are connected, and so are all of the other body systems. 

            Even so, I still don’t totally understand how acupuncture works or why, but I understand that it does work.  Right now, that’s all I need to know. 

            In this instance, being needled is a good thing.  

~                     ~                          ~

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