Now THAT was Fast!!!!

            The Duppster – that’s hubby, Karl Duppstadt – is a speed demon: he was clocked at just over 153 mph on a recent Saturday!

            No, he was not in a train.  He was driving a car.

            Luckily, though, he was driving Tony Stewart’s #14 NASCAR racecar.  Also luckily, he was on the Charlotte Motor Speedway when he was clocked at that speed.

            Dupp is a NASCAR fan, and “fan,” of course, is short for “fanatic.”  The word fits him just fine.

            His all-time favorite driver was Dale Earnhardt; now he generally pulls for Dale Earnhardt Jr., Mark Martin, Carl Edwards or Tony Stewart.  Dupp didn’t get to choose which car he drove but he was happy in Stewart’s #14.

            A key word in that last sentence is “in.”  As race fans know, drivers get in to and out of cars through the respective driver’s side window, and those windows aren’t very big.  Dupp is 6’2” and about 280 pounds.  He also had to wear a helmet, which, by itself, looked almost as big as the window opening. 

            How Dupp made it in through that window is something I’ll never know.  Sure, I was watching but still don’t know how all of him got through the window and into the seat.  Getting out proved to be more difficult than getting in, but he made it.   I’m surprised he didn’t throw something out of joint, and I don’t mean something that’s part of the car.  Maybe my hubby is also somewhat of a contortionist.

            Even though 153 mph is pretty doggoned fast, it wasn’t the top speed of the day.  Dupp rode in a different car alongside one of the professional drivers.  They exceeded 170 mph during those laps.

            Off the racetrack, Dupp is not a speed freak.  In fact, sometimes it seems to me that he is slow as molasses, especially when we’re in a hurry to get somewhere.  Go figure!


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