Just a "Good-Feeling" Experience

            Noise and heat aside, a NASCAR race is a “good-feeling” experience.

            The Duppster and I went to the Coke Zero 400 at Daytona Saturday.  It was hot, hot, hot.  And it was noisy, noisy, noisy.  But, if the noise and heat can be overlooked, it was an event of warm, fuzzy feelings. 

            First, NASCAR is somewhat like apple pie: it’s all-American. It’s full of flag-waving and, yes, it starts with prayer.  Amen! 

            Of course, the way those guys drive, they NEED prayer.


          Four Congressional Medal of Honor winners were introduced, recognized and celebrated prior to the race.  True American heroes!


 There was an amazing fly-over by the Air Force in a B-52 at the end of the national anthem.  An enormous American flag covered much of the centerfield at the time. 

            And retired Coach Bobby Bowden had the honor of telling the racers to start their engines, except that he said, “Gentlemen, start your dadgummed engines!”

            Perhaps because this was the week of July 4th, there was a superb fireworks show at the end of the race.


                 Finally, there was a bold proclamation by one of the sponsors, and, even though I don’t usually write about particular companies, this sponsor deserves a mention and a gold medal of sorts.  Goodyear had every tire used in the race imprinted with “Support Our Troops.”  And, believe me, there were loads of tires used Saturday night.  


  Yes, it was noisy; yes, it was hot; but, yes, Saturday night’s race truly was a “good-feeling” experience. 

~                               ~                              ~

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chuckography said...

I went to a race in Atlanta and agree with your feeling that it was patriotic...and LOUD. But, I carry ear plugs. Thanks for sharing.

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