Weirdness in Words

Words amaze and intrigue me. In fact, I've written about words and language several times.

What's got me really intrigued today is the anagram. That, of course, is changing the order of letters to make different words, like those at the left: words and sword, pleats and staple.
Sometimes, I find it so odd that the same letters make words with such opposite meanings and sometimes such similar meanings. So, I decided to make a few sentences with anagrams.

Who has the CURES for the CURSE?

The CALLER can't RECALL putting things in the CELLAR.

She wants to LOITER but I want to hire a TOILER.


Do the WHORES need a SHOWER?

I DESIRE to RESIDE in a different house.

What are the CAUSES of SAUCES not thickening properly?

I INTEND to INDENT each paragraph's beginning.

In spite of his DENIAL, he was NAILED by the jury.

Which model has the BAREST BREAST?

She SORTED the items, then STORED them.


Were you REARED to be a READER? Then, be DEARER and REREAD this.

Her china included PLATES with the PALEST PASTEL PETALS on them.

I changed my COURSE to get to the SOURCE.

Did you BERATE her for not using the REBATE?

She fussed and SHAMED me when I accidentally MASHED the bread.

He REIGNS as the leading opera SINGER until he chooses to RESIGN from the profession.

I was about to RINSE the RESIN from my hands when I heard the SIREN.

He has to wear an INSOLE because of the LESION.

The NICHES were just INCHES apart.

It is better to have something that UNITES rather than something that UNTIES.

People in UNIONS like to act in UNISON.

The mechanic was checking POINTS on the PISTONS while I ate PINTOS.

He DRONES on about how much I SNORED.

Some CREPES give me the CREEPS.

Okay, I realize some of the sentences don't make sense and are rather far-fetched but I remain intrigued. Yes, that makes me a bit weird.

There are many more (melon, lemon; chaser, search, arches; battle, tablet; cashes, chases; arises, raises; guiled, uglied; resets, steers; etc.)

Do words intrigue you? What about language in general?


Skunkfeathers said...

One good visit desoives anuddah ;) Yeah, I like words and language, though not so much for anagrams; I like to use them and turn them back on the scammers who contact me and acquaintances of mine. Granted, it's like shooting fish in a bucket (a very small bucket); but sometimes, the ease of hitting the target is gratifying ;)

david mcmahon said...

Wonderful post. I love words too.

I came here from Fat Frumpy and Fifty's blog.

Indrani said...

This was a great read. :)

Sniffles and Smiles said...

Oh the delight of word-play!!!! I'm with you!!! So very fun! I thoroughly enjoyed this post! Congrats on your mention in David's Post of the Day!

Cheffie-Mom said...

Great blog you have here. Congratulations on the Post of the Day Award from authorblog.

Unknown said...

Wow! Thanks to all of you new visitors. I appreciate the comments.

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