Players and Winners

Thanks to all who have participated in DO YOU KNOW trivia through this blog. (It's on the right side of the page at the top.)

Here are the players during the month of April:

fatwomanma, robsox, Sidney, mrsfred, Preston1,
LT, Safeguy, saltymom, nickknows, jinxedu, margo,
willy, fred, Silky, rudd, Coby, Sherry, vip, GeminiRose82,
singz4fun2, boobear, emmaz, cheesecat, xray2u, fireatwill,
mvaughan, Valentine, beckyb, dawg,
flowergirl, garnetspy, liza767, lpatrick,
ches, MAZIE, tonyreb, bryann, nanny,
GoingLikeSixty, lilyrn52, puglette, KristensBoy,
maevesmadness, Glo, sandywilder, par2323,
Betty, Papabear, Skullfullamush & sally.

TOP TEN cumulative scores:

Coby, par2323, Sherry, Betty, skullfullamush,
Papabear, boobear, singz4fun2, emmaz & sally.
Recent daily winners:
4/30 - emmaz
4/29 - sally
4/28 - skullfullamush
4/27 - cheesecat
4/26 - sally
4/25 - dawg
4/24 - Coby
4/23 - nickknows
4/22 - Coby
4/21 - Coby
4/20 - singz4fun2
4/19 - par2323
4/18 - Silky
4/17 - boobear

1 comment:

Rita Busman said...

Dear Sherry,
My sincerest condolences on your most untimely loss.

I've been there and done that, so I understand..

May his memory be a blessing and be assured that he's looking over you and guiding you.

Rita Busman

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