Lucrative Laundry Day

I hit the jackpot!  It was a lucrative laundry day. 
            Have you ever had one of those?
            Let me back up a moment.  The Duppster doesn’t believe in wearing anything twice between washings. Not jeans, not khakis, nothing.  That adds up to a whole lot of laundry.  And since Dupp is a rather large man – size 3X shirts – it doesn’t take many items of clothing to fill up the washing machine.
            Anyway, the good side of this situation is that Dupp frequently forgets to take loose change (and other things) out of his pockets before tossing clothing into the hamper.  Maybe I should check pockets before putting a load of clothes in the washer but I don’t.
            So, I figured whatever money comes out in the laundry goes into my wallet.  Now, mind you, I don’t stick my hands into the pockets to pull out money but just keep whatever comes out naturally.  “Naturally” means it falls out in the washer or dryer or after I shake the pants vigorously nine or ten times. 
            Sometimes, Dupp actually leaves bills, i.e. paper money, in his pockets. 
            No, I won’t get rich this way, but there’s usually enough to enjoy my chocolate candy.   Last week, I could have gotten a whole box of chocolates.
            What a lucrative laundry day!

1 comment:

Syd said...

The tell tale rattle of change is a big no no around here. I get the "look". Ha!

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