Again and Again

          It’s happened again.
            And again and again.
            I think it’s called confusion. Or not paying attention. Or perhaps just plain old getting older.
            Once again, I confused the tube of toothpaste and the tube of Preparation H. No, I won’t admit which way this happened.
            The frequency of such situations is increasing.  I walk around the house looking for my keys, only to realize after a frantic search that they are in my hand. 
            This happens with my glasses as well.  I move papers, books, pots, pans, towels sheets and more, then find the glasses on top of my head or in a pocket. 
            And the cell phone?  Oh, my goodness.  I believe it has feet and just walks away to trick me.  We have a home phone, i.e. land line, primarily for use as a fax, but I believe it has been used more often as a locator when I have to call my cell phone just to find it.
            Oh, and then it gets worse.  Later, I look at the cell phone and see that I have a missed call.  I check for a missed call, just to find it was my own call from the home phone! 
            And, by the way, I can tell you this: toothpaste seems to have certain healing properties!

1 comment:

Syd said...

LOL Sherry. I haven't made that mistake and seldom misplace things. But if I do misplace something, I will search and search because it drives me crazy. Glad that you are posting again.

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