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Sometimes I get a kick out of unusual observances and holidays. 

            This past Sunday was Mother’s Day, of course, and International Nurses Day, but also Limerick Day, National Nutty Fudge Day, National Doodle Day, Hug Your Cat Day and Odometer Day.

            Monday was Frog-Jumping Day; Tuesday was National Chicken Dance Day.  You DID dance in celebration, didn’t you?

           Among the observances on Wednesday were Straw Hat Day, Turn Beauty Inside Out Day, Nylon Stockings Day and one of my favorites, National Chocolate Chip Day.  It’s too hot to commemorate Nylon Stockings Day (for those of you who still wear such things) but it’s never too hot for chocolate chips. 

            And then there’s this: The Headless Chicken Day is always the third weekend in May.  (Yep, it’s called “day” even though it’s two days.) 

            According to the sponsoring organization’s web site, the event is based on a true story about a Wyandotte rooster named Mike.  On September 10, 1945,  Leon Olsen, a Fruita, Colorado, farmer, used an axe to make Mike headless so that the rooster would be his family’s dinner, but rooster Mike “continued trying to peck for food.” 

            The festival celebrates Mike’s example, noting that “you can continue to lead a normal life, even after you have lost your mind.”

            If those folks in Fruita ever make the festival a week-long affair, they can celebrate The Headless Chicken Day along with National Chicken Dance Day.  Quite an observance, wouldn’t you say?   

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I'm glad to see we both are friends on Google + but I have not seen a posting on your blog since last Mother's Day in may 2013.

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