Spitting Images

In the last post, I showed photos of some of our antiques and uniques at Kudzu Keepsakes

The other part of our little venture is Spitting Images Gallery, featuring photos The Duppster and I have taken.  Most are on canvas, but there are some 5 x 7s in the gallery as well as a few photos on foam board.  Canvas and foam board works can be placed on walls with or without frames.

 Here are a few that are in the gallery now.  Oops!  For some strange reason, I wasn't able to upload the photos here today. Go figure. I hope you'll take a minute to click on the link below. 

A few of the photos are found on the right side of this post.  Others are here:  Spitting Images Gallery works.

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Syd said...

Nice, Sherry. Photography is one of my favorite things to do. Thanks for sharing these.

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