Marshmallow Massacre?

            Back before Christmas, I had planned to give each of the young nieces and nephews and other similarly-aged children marshmallow shooters as gifts. 

            Actually I’m not certain about the exact name of these plastic toys that propel marshmallows across rooms and open fields.  Whatever the name, though, the toys promote active play as well as safe play, and the ones I found weren’t expensive, making this a pretty easy decision.

            And then came the tragic shootings at Sandy Hook in Newtown, Connecticut.  

            With that horrendous tragedy, I simply couldn’t bring myself to purchase and then give to little children anything weapon-like.  So much for those marshmallow blasters. 

            Did I think those marshmallows would hurt anyone?  No.  Did I think there would be a marshmallow massacre?  No.  There was just something symbolic about giving a Christmas gift that had anything to do with shooting, even if only marshmallows, so close in time to the Sandy Hook killings.

            Am I moving more toward gun control?  No, unless it’s for parents having more control over the guns in their own homes (and control over the use of video games, television, etc.)  And, no, I’m not trying to outlaw marshmallow blasters either. 

            What we need is to have our elected officials place mental health issues on the front burner.  Period.

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