We're Back - With Bells On!

The self-imposed approximately two-month sabbatical is almost over. Yippee! Ring those bells!  I've missed blogging - the writing and the reading. 

We've spent the last two months concentrating on other ventures: building inventory in our two new businesses, Kudzu Keepsakes (www.facebook.com/kudzukeepsakes) and Spitting Images Gallery (www.facebook.com/spittingimagesgallery.) Loads of fun!

At Kudzu Keepsakes, we specialize in antiques, uniques and vintage items of all sorts.  Roseville Pottery to Spode's Billingsley Rose china, buck saws to wagon wheels, vintage clothing to license plates/tags, Quimper pottery to cut-to-clear cased crystal. 



Sandee said...

You are always so busy. That's a good thing though.

May 2013 bring you and yours good health, happiness and prosperity. :)

Hootin' Anni said...

...this sounds like one super adventure that is going on in your life right now...and I want to extend my well wishes for all the success in the world!!

Happy New Year.

Judy T said...

Sherry, I am so glad you are back. You are one of my favorites. You have such a wry of humor. I love somebody who doesn't mind making fun of herself.

I got sucked into the Facebook vortex, but have decided to eschew it and start writing my blog again. The one I wrote today is about my personal experience with guns. I think it might interest you, even if you totally disagree with my cock-eyed optimistic, unrealistic viewpoint.
You can find it at Tom and Judy on A Blog, remember?

Syd said...

Looks like some good finds. I have enough things here that I could start an antique store or just open up the house and have it be a museum.

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