Boxes - and More Boxes

                        I’ve never seen so many boxes in my life!

                        It’s been six weeks since we moved, or at least since we started moving.  The whole moving process seems unending.  We’re still surrounded by boxes.

                        With everything else going on – like sleeping, eating, cooking, church, work, etc. – we can’t spend 24 hours a day unpacking boxes.  I wonder if we’ll be through by Christmas. 

                        Since Dupp and I are still relatively newly-wed, we have “his stuff,” “her stuff,” “our stuff” and stuff that has been stored in PODS for a few years. 

                        And among all of this stuff are some things we don’t recognize.  At all.  A visitor asked recently about a clock.  I told her to ask Dupp about it ‘cause I’d never seen it before.  Strange.  Dupp said it wasn’t his either. 

                        We found parts of three blenders but not all of the parts to any one blender. 

                        We’ve also found enough crockpots to open a crockpot museum.  I’ll admit that I enjoy using crockpots, even for boiled peanuts.  I’ve been known to use two or three at a time when we had folks coming over. 

                        It’s no telling what all we will discover or rediscover. 

                        Until today, going through boxes was a slow process.

                        That changed when the two grandsons came for a five-day visit.  Do you know how fast a four-year-old and a seventeen-month-old can open and go through boxes? 

                        It takes less than 24 hours for two little boys to unpack every box. 

                        Sure, it’s going to take a long time to put stuff away or donate it or sell it or whatever.  But, thanks to the grandsons, we don’t have as much unpacking to do.

                        Besides, boxes make wonderful toys for playing, imagining, creating and building.  The two boys love having empty boxes.

                        And so do we!


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