Ah, the Spine!

           By the time anyone reads this – assuming anyone ever reads my ramblings – I should be feeling a great deal of relief. 

            The surgeon took care of my upper back, shoulders, neck and, yes, even my head bright and early Monday morning.  I was ready for the knife.  Heck, he could have used the hammer or an axe or any other implement of his choice if that’s what was needed for relief. 

            I had gotten to the point that I couldn’t look from side to side without turning my whole body.  There was no comfortable position for sleeping, sitting or standing, which, of course, didn’t leave many options. 

            The doc said that much more and I would have had trouble using my arms, hands and fingers.    That concerned me, because I’ve never been very good at playing the piano with my toes.  I know; I’ve tried. 

            I’ve had two previous surgeries to the lower spine; this is the first to the cervical spine/neck area.

            Aside from bringing about relief, the really good news about all of this is that it means I actually have a backbone, unlike some of the politicians around us.

*                          *                         *

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