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The Duppster – that’s hubby Karl Duppstadt a/k/a Dupp – grew up in Pennsylvania. 

That means he, like many others who didn’t have the privilege of growing up in the South, doesn’t realize that real football is played at the college level and at the high school level.  He thinks real football is the NFL.

In fact, I’ll never forget the time we drove by a recreation department football game involving elementary school children and saw folks tailgating at the game.  He thought that was hilarious.  Dupp just doesn’t get it that football starts at an early age around here, and it’s important in the Southern life cycle. 

Anyway, back to Dupp and watching the NFL on television.

I’ve always thought the remote control alone was probably enough for The Duppster.  That was until this past weekend.

Dupp was watching NFL playoff games.  He doesn’t use the remote as frequently or repetitively  during football games as he does other times, so he had no reason to practically squeeze the remote control every moment.

I guess that freed up his hands and he felt the need to have those hands doing something else.  I glanced over at him – and laughed.

While watching the game, he also was using his laptop computer, his cell phone, an iPad – and he had one of those contraptions in his ear that I believe is called a Bluetooth or something like that.  That was four – as in “one, two, three, four” – different electronic devices in addition to the television.

No doubt, that’s why he hadn’t answered anything I asked him.  He was carrying multi-tasking to its highest level.

He probably didn’t even know I was in the same room until a flash of light let him know I had just snapped a photo of him with all of those contraptions. 

Thank goodness for electricity and batteries, huh?

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Sarge Charlie said...

I got to say the Dupp, for an old Yankee boy. has got his stuff together.

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