How Did You Meet Your Toad, Er, I Mean Mate?

How did you meet your true love?

If your match-making efforts occurred decades ago, they probably weren’t through a site like eHarmony or match.com, were they?

These days, more and more people are turning to on-line opportunities to meet potential companions. This is especially true for those who are on the second-time around (or third or fourth) and for those who are, um, “older.”

People over 40 or 50 are in a quandary:

1. We’ve forgotten what it was like to date.

2. What “rules” we happen to remember no longer apply.

3. There aren’t many places to go to meet potential “candidates” of a similar age.

4. Most of us aren’t interested in playing games that many younger folks play.

5. If we wanted to play, we probably wouldn’t even know how.

6. For what reason would anyone feign innocence at such an age as ours?

7. Most places for socializing don’t even open until past our bedtimes.

Some people frown on the on-line meeting and dating process. I understand that. I’ve tried three different sites – and have met some unusual inhabitants of this planet. At least, I think they were all from this planet, although it was questionable in one or two cases.

During these adventures, I’ve had some bad experiences as well as some good ones. And, thank goodness, I’m still alive to write about them.

Initially, it’s impossible to know how truthful people are being about themselves. It’s always important to play it safe.

One woman said, “You have to kiss a lot of toads to find your prince.”

That, my friend, is usually true whether you’re looking on-line for a partner or through more traditional methods. In the meantime, just try to avoid the warts.


Wendy said...

Being a single 47 year old, yep I identify with the toad kissings, blecch! I personally think that at our age we've done all the kissing of toads we need to. And I think we both know that if we wanted to be with someone desperately we would. But, we're not young and desperate, so it might take a bit longer than usual. Oprah wrote up a fascinating article in one of her magazines, can't remember the issue, about this older woman who made a wish list for a 100 qualities she wanted and she met the man. I've heard that a few times. Maybe we should start the 100 wish list blog and see if it works ;)

Syd said...

I hope that it works out but I can't imagine that I would go to an online site. I think that things are just meant to be. Hope that serendipity finds you.

Patricia Rockwell said...

Long (well, not that long) before online dating, I met my husband though a video dating service. After a mid-life divorce, I had really tired of the "dating" scene, so I tried it. They interviewed me and videotaped it and I was able to peruse their collection of eligible men and watch their videos. I dated several gentlemen this way. When my hubby rolled around, I realized almost instantly that he was perfect for me as our first date lasted until 4 a.m. at the International House of Pancakes where we talked for hours. So, as you can imagine, I'm all for using technology to find a mate. You go, girl!

Sarge Charlie said...

Hi Sherry, i do not know if you saw my comment on your brothers post, it was awsome. I would like your premission to repost it, there are millions of people out there that should read the post.

NOYB said...

what an interesting blog for the day. I hear that you your self have beome engaged to be married. So is this Mr. Right? Why no post about this happy ocasion

Scent Magic said...

I have not ventured into the world of online dating, however, I'm current ghostwriting a book for an entrepreneur who ran a social networking site back in the mid 1990's. I cannot tell you how many submission stories I've received from former users of his site from all over the world who met and eventually married through the site. Most are still together today - so there must be something to it!


Unknown said...

I wasn't looking for a date when I met FabGrandpa--I went to the hardware store to buy a bolt for my lawnmower and he was the guy who waited on me that day. I went home not even knowing his name. I finshed mowing the lawn, but couldn't get this guy off my mind. So, I called the store, described him to the person who answered the phone, and asked what his name was. Then I asked if he was married. When they said he wasn't, I told them to tell him I was the lady who came in for the lawnmower bolt, gave my phone number and told them to tell him if he was interested in going out to dinner to give me a call. He called, that was that, and we have been married now for 18 years.

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