Inquiring Minds Want to Know

Okay, so maybe there aren't that many inquiring minds and maybe I’m the only one who wants to know, but I am very curious about something.

It’s fair to assume, I believe, that most people who read blogs probably have cell phones. Cell phones display the number or the name - or both - of the caller when a all comes through.

The question is this: Do you always answer your phone when it rings? Do you look to see who is calling first? Do you answer even if the number is an unknown one?

In the last few days, I’ve been getting anywhere from 2 to 6 calls per day from an “unknown number.” That’s what shows up on the screen and that’s it. The person calling never leaves a message – and I don’t answer the ringing phone. These calls just started recently and they've continued every day.

Am I wrong not to answer? If the caller really wants to reach me, shouldn’t he/she leave a message?

Besides, do we have phones for our own convenience or for the convenience of others? When I’m relaxing or when I’m busy, I don’t want to answer polls about political candidates or learn that I've been selected to visit a resort with no obligation except to listenj to brief presentation.

What do you think?


Sandee said...

I wouldn't answer the phone either. Just saying.

Your phone is for your convenience not for some other persons convenience.

Have a terrific day Sherry. :)

Patricia Rockwell said...

I can't advise you. Although I do have a cell phone, it's always turned off. I only use it when I'm driving in case of emergencies--not at home.

StaceyC4 said...

Okay, I do have a cell phone and to be honest, I don't use it very often. It is always on, but I only answer when I know who it is. A couple of weeks ago, these 877 numbers started showing up and they'd call up to 6 times a day. After a week I finally called it back and it was a bank. The guy who answered told me that some telemarketer had sort of hijacked their number and that it was not THEM (the bank) calling, but the telemarketer. Then, ironically, that number stopped calling and another started. Same MO - several calls a day, no message. I finally had enough and answered and told them to STOP calling. That guy was snippy and was like "Will you just listen for a moment?" and I told him no, so he hung up. Then I went and put my phone on the Do Not Call list.

It's been a quiet day...

Syd said...

I would probably call back and say that their number came up on my phone. But that's just me. I do generally answer the calls that come in unless I'm busy at that moment. I would rather answer than have to call back.

Margaret Hall said...

I would probably CALL them and ask what they want and say that they need to leave a message on someone's phone that they are pestering...I HATE that kind of call...

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