Don't Ever Tell Him What It Means!

It's precocious Christopher again.

He's in pre-school, almost a kindergartner. This week his mom (my sister) got the following note from school:

Hey there,
I am cooking this week while Hazel is on vacation and have been told that Christopher is a vegetarian. Is this absolute or should I give him a hamburger rather than a boiled egg or cheese?

After reading this, I e-mailed my sister to ask when Christopher became a vegetarian. Here is her response:

He is a self-proclaimed vegetarian, which he obviously did not get from his highly carnivorous parents.
I have no idea what led him to decide that he’s a vegetarian; I never even said the word to him. I guess that’s what happens when you attend a multi-cultural preschool, which Trinity tends to be.

Please do not ever mention to him that chicken nuggets and hot dogs are meat!

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Anonymous said...

Well I don't think chicken nuggets or hot dogs are *real* meat. LOL ;-)

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