Poll Results: Oreo Cookies

The third poll question was: What color are Oreo cookies? Here are your votes:
Black and white - 54%

Black and light cream - 4%

Dark brown and white - 38%

Dark brown and light cream - 4%

For lots of interesting facts and trivia about Oreo cookies, click on this link. http://inspirationandhumor.blogspot.com/2008/07/oreo-cookies.html

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bob4485 said...

Ya know, it really is a small world. Thanks so much for your comment on my "Uncommon Sense." Of course had to check your's. Haved moved to Southport, NC but while living in Lexington in my past life, Rod and I actually did some " COCK WHEAT " tee shirts together. Sorry to hear about his illness, but so happy his status has improved. Will be checking from here on out. Bobby Nunley

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