Getting a Fix Fixed

I’ve always thought one of the worst parts of surgery or any medical procedure, including lab work, was not being able to eat after midnight the night before.
For me, the food wasn’t what I missed; it was the diet Cokes. Diet Coke is my fix, my addiction. I drink several early in the morning, and then continue throughout the day.
I found out Monday that brother Rod’s fix must be coffee. Since his surgery was scheduled for late afternoon (4 pm), he had a long stretch in which he couldn’t eat or drink. He had to go a long time without his numerous cups of coffee.
As he and I worked Monday morning, he frequently reached into his shirt pocket and then brought his hand to his face. The crazy guy had coffee beans in his shirt pocket. He’d take them out, breathe in the aroma, then put them back in his pocket – for a short while.
I guess that’s one way of getting a fix fixed.
Somehow, I don’t think smelling a diet Coke would help me.

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Gorilla Bananas said...

How about soaking a piece of cotton wool in Diet Coke for a week and sucking it when you're in the hospital?

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