Name Change and Momma

This blog has a new name. If you’ve been here before, perhaps you noticed the change.
I didn’t really like the previous name but hadn’t bothered to do anything about it until now.
I changed it because my momma suggested it, saying she didn’t like the other name.
Yes, because my momma said so.
I know. I’m 58 years old, but my momma still said so. Once a momma, always a momma.
Which reminds me of one of my favorite stories about Mom.
After a lot of deliberation, I decided to run for lieutenant governor in 1990. So, I called my parents to tell them their daughter was embarking on this hectic, tremendous campaign.
Mom answered the phone. I said, “Mom, I’ve made the big decision. I’m running for lieutenant governor.”
Guess what she said?
It wasn’t that she’d be pulling for me, or that she disagreed with the decision, or anything like that.
Mom replied, “Well, for goodness sakes, get your hair out of your face.”
Like I said, once a momma, always a momma!


Anonymous said...

Hope you're having Mom a "Happy Birthday" party

Rebecca Ramsey said...

That is the best momma story I've heard lately! Hilarious!


Rebecca Ramsey said...

I forgot to say that I LOVE your new name!

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