Anonymous Poll #12 Results

The latest poll listed a variety of ice cream flavors from which participants could choose their favorites.

A great big THANKS to all of you who participated; this one had more responses than any of the previous polls.

My own favorites are butter pecan and homemade lemon. Butter pecan was the leading flavor but the most votes went to "other." I wonder what some of those others are that people like so much. Any ideas?

Here are the results:

Rocky Road (9%)
Vanilla (4%)
French Vanilla (0%)
Chocolate Almond (9%)
Chocolate (6%)
Chocolate Fudge (2%)
Peach (0%)
Lemon (0%)
Banana (2%)
Strawberry (2%)
Neapolitan (0%)
Butter Pecan (11%)
Black Walnut (0%)
Chocolate Chip (2%)
Pistachio (9%)
Mint Chocolate Chip (4%)
Coffee (6%)
Cookies and Cream (6%)
Vanilla Fudge Ripple (0%)
Black Cherry (6%)
Other (15%)


Anonymous said...

I like hokey pokey. Is that available outside of NZ and Australia?

Sandee said...

Now I'm hungry for ice cream again.

The chocolate fudge sounds really good.

Have a terrific rest of the weekend. :)

The Brantley Boys said...

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

skywind said...

Wow, should look very good to eat. : D. Eyes are the stars of the risk. (Smile) (greedy) Ming meow. Hehe ..


Anonymous said...

Homemade lemon? I've never had that but would probably like it, I like lemon flavored stuff. I love homemade ice cream anyway!

Linda said...

I haven't met an ice cream I didn't like, but I usually go for vanilla with chocolate syrup. I have to get that chocolate in somewhere!!!!

Da Old Man said...

There is a flavor besides Ben and Jerry's Cherry Garcia?

NoBS said...

Tin Roof. It can be hard to find but it's great! Vanilla ice cream with chocolate fudge and caramel swirls and salted peanuts! MMMM!

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