I Don't Like the Letter "H"

I’ve decided I don’t like the letter “H.”

H is for Hurricanes. And H is especially for Hurricane Hugo, which tore up South Carolina’s coast in September 1989, and H is for Hurricane Hanna, which seems to be headed for South Carolina’s coast in September 2008, i.e. RIGHT NOW!!

H is also for Hell. And Hades.
But then there’s also Heaven.

It’s because I’m Heavy that I’m on Weight Watchers.

Then there’s Hinder and Hamper but also Help. And Hee and Haw, as well as Hem and Haw.
Also, Has-been and Here-comes. His and Hers, Happen and Halt.

There are some H words that can be good or bad. For example: Habits - I’ve got my share of bad ones but perhaps there are some good ones as well; Health – let’s pray for good health instead of bad!

Hope, Head, Hair, Heart, Hands. Does your left Hand know what your right Hand is doing?

Do you greet folks with “Hi,” “Hello” or a Handshake? Or do you High-five?

It's a good thing my name is Hubert Humphrey or Herbert Hoover, isn't it?

Possibly you’ve been to Honolulu, Hawaii, or Havana or Hamilton, Bermuda, or Haiti. Or a place in Germany, like Heidelberg or Hamburg. Or even Helsinki in Finland. Or Houston, Texas, or Hilton Head Island in South Carolina. Or perhaps you didn’t land but instead just Hovered in the Helicopter before going Home.

Then there’s one of my all-time favorites: the Hula-Hoop. Have you ever Hula-Hooped while wearing your Halo? You don’t have a Halo? Have you been Horrible, like Hagar?

If you need more strenuous activity than Hula-Hooping, why not try Hockey? If I tried, I'd probably end up in the Hospital, so I should stick to something like Hide-and-seek.

Perhaps I'll take a break and have a Hot dog or Hamburger. Oh, I forgot. I'm on Weight Watchers, so maybe I should eat just Half. Unfortunately, my appetite is Hearty.

Oops! There’s another one: it’s those darn Hiccups!

[Flickr photos by Josh Sommers and labaronesa.]


Rebecca Ramsey said...

What a fun post! I love it!

Thanks for coming to my party! Your good wishes made it even happier!

barbara dehn said...

Hi Sherry,

thanks to the blog trip, I've now been to your site several times. I love the way you write and read your post from June on saying No. It was witty, funny and insightful at the same time. I like how you write, your perspective and your wisdom from your incredible past experiences. I'll keep checking back.

Thanks to for your stop at my blog. I'm also trying to provide something different.

Let's stay in touch,


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