One little bitty letter

Isn’t it strange what a difference one word can make? Even one little letter in a word – in the wrong place – can make a whole lot of difference.
For example, I remember - well, this is going to sound perfectly awful – but I remember reading an obituary that made me laugh. The decedent had been a member of the Bethel United Methodist Women. Unfortunately, two of letters in one word had been switched, thereby making the decedent a member of the “Bethel Untied Methodist Women.” Can there be anything worse than an untied Methodist woman?
Years ago, a particular television announcer was promoting the upcoming evening news show. As is tradition, he was pitching with a mini-headline. What he was supposed to say was “Area Rapist On the Loose.” Obviously, he misread the teleprompter or cue cards because what he actually said was this: “Area Baptist On the Loose.” Yes, maybe having a Baptist on the loose is even worse than an untied Methodist woman!
And then there was the church Christmas play. The children each had a large letter to hold up. As they did so, the signs would read “BETHLEHEM STAR.”
Yes, as luck would have it, some of the children were out of place. The result? “BETHLEHEM RATS.”
Who said there is no humor in religion?

Sherry Martschink Copyright 2008

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