It Takes Two!

            Last week, I had almost-five-year-old Harrison and just-turned-two-year-old Fisher in the back seat of the car, heading to our house after getting them from their other grandmother’s house. 

            I told the boys I had a little surprise for them at home.  Harrison quickly asked, “Is it one thing or two?”

            When I answered that there were two – one for him and one for Fisher -  Harrison said that was good, because when there’s only one thing, they fight. 

            So, I thought, this might be a great one of those “teachable moments.”  I explained how important it is to share, that sharing with others is good and that taking turns is what people need to learn to do. 

            That’s when Harrison spoke up again: “The thing about sharing is when me and Fisher share, Fisher doesn’t.”

            Yep, that could certainly be a problem – when two people share except that one of ‘em doesn’t. 

            We all know what that’s like, don’t we? 

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