Do Your Ears Hang Low????

            I remember it like it was yesterday. 

            And why shouldn’t I?  After all, Mom looked at me – and then just laughed.  And laughed and laughed.

            Finally, she looked at me, pointing near my face, and said, “One of your ears is lower than the other one.”  And then she started laughing again. 

            Through her chuckles, Mom told me to look in the mirror to see for myself.  So I did.

            Sure enough, once I looked, I could see that one ear was lower than the other.  The only way for them not to be uneven was to tilt my head, but I quickly decided I couldn’t go around the rest of my life with my head tilted.

            And then Mom asked, “When did that happen?”

            Well, gee, Mom; I just don’t know when that happened.  I mean I didn’t go to a doctor and ask to have one ear lowered or anything like that.  I guess I was just born this way.

            For decades, I didn’t know my ears weren’t even. 

            Now, as one might imagine, I can’t look in the mirror without noticing that one ear is lower than the other.  I’ve even changed the kind of earrings I wear so that the “ear difference” won’t be as noticeable. 

            At least that’s better than keeping my head tilted. 

            And I’ve quit singing that childhood song that starts “Do your ears hang low?”

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Judy T said...

I love reading your blog. My favorite about your looks was the one you wrote not long ago about your disappearing neck. What disaster happens when age happens. For me it is a ballooning stomach. I don't really feel like I eat that much more, or really exercise that much less. However, it just keeps growing and growing. As Pooh says, Oh Bother!

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