What Are YOU Celebrating - Waffles, Kissing or What?

           Sometimes I wonder who comes up with the names of some of these special days we celebrate (or don’t celebrate, as may be the case.) 

            Some of the observances are things I enjoy more than just once a year – and some I’ll NEVER celebrate.

            Just this week, there are all kinds of special days.  Tuesday was National Senior Citizens’ Day.  Since I’m a senior citizen by most standards, I like this one, although I haven’t found anything to let me know exactly how to mark this special day.  As a matter of fact, I appreciate being a senior citizen every time I get a discount on something for being one!  I’ll celebrate saving some money any time.

            Friday is National Waffle Day.  I think that one has something to do with the invention of the waffle iron in the United States.  However, it seems that some of our politicians celebrate waffling every single day!

            Saturday has two observances: National Kiss and Make Up Day (now that could be interesting) and National Second-hand Wardrobe Day.  A second-hand wardrobe could contain hand-me-downs or consignment shop finds.  Either way, I’ve been enjoying such clothing for a long, long time.  And, in this economy, I think being able to find second-hand clothing and items for the home is cause for true celebration.  It also makes good sense.

            Sunday is Go Topless Day.  No, I’m not celebrating that one, nor do I want to be around anyone who is. 
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