Just Grits!

            On the way home the other night, I stopped and bought shrimp to boil for supper. 

I love shrimp and grits (or fried catfish and grits, or sliced tomatoes and grits, or sausage and grits, or cheese and grits; yes, I like grits!)  

            Well, The Duppster just isn’t “from these parts” – if you know what I mean.  He was born north of the Mason-Dixon line, although he constantly reminds me that he grew up just “slightly” north of that all-important line.  Of course, I tell him that north is north.  Period. 

            Anyway, being a transplant, he doesn’t truly understand or appreciate grits.  Fortunately, a friend from church, Marilyn Tinker Zielke, introduced us to one of her specialties, Southern Comfort Shrimp and Grits.  Dupp loves this concoction.

            I’ve used Marilyn’s recipe quite a few times, so I started fixing that once I got home with the shrimp.  Dupp was already home, so he was in the kitchen also.  As it turns out, we didn’t have any Southern Comfort, so I asked Dupp to help me find a suitable substitute.  He ruled out the rum, Amaretto and Scotch but said the Canadian Club would do.

            So I poured in Canadian Club.  After a few seconds, Dupp asked, “Don’t you think that’s about enough?”  I was tired; I wasn’t measuring. 

            While the food was simmering, I decided the check the recipe.  Okay, so it called for three or four tablespoons instead of three or four cups of Southern Comfort (Canadian Club.)  What’s a few extra ounces anyway? 

            As it turns out, I had peppers from Mom’s garden, and we didn’t know what kinds of peppers we had.  I chopped peppers to use.  They must have been the hottest of all peppers because that’s about all we tasted. 

            Even Dupp might have settled for plain ol’ grits that night.
~                                      ~

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