Signs of the Times?

            I was driving along the other day when a sign caught my attention.

            It was a relatively small sign on a pole and it looked to be hand-lettered.

            The only word on the white background was “Divorce.”  Under the word, though, was “$149.00.”

            Talk about “false advertising” or deception, that would be it.  I don’t know any divorced person - or even relative or friend of a divorced person - who would agree that the cost of a divorce is only $149.00. 

            Come to think about it, there aren’t many of those things we call “major life events” that don’t end up costing a fortune or so.

            Just look at marriage.  Sometimes young adults are encouraged to wait until they can afford marriage before taking the step.  They might as well remain single.

            Likewise, many times young couples are advised not to have children until they can afford them.  They just as well remain childless.

            All of the words of advice and encouragement are meaningful; yes, it does help to get one’s feet on the ground financially – at least somewhat – before taking on certain major responsibilities. 

            But, just like divorces cost a whole lot more than $149.00, marriage and child-rearing are expensive propositions.

            In fact, just living is pretty doggoned expensive. 

            That’s not all, though.  Have you looked at the cost of dying recently?

            If there were a way for people to wait until we could afford dying to die, we’d all be living to the age of Methuselah.


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Syd said...

Very true. The death industry is making a killing!

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