It's the Match Game, And I Keep Losing!

I’ve just finished playing a game. I lost. I always lose.

It’s the “Match Game,” but it’s not like the one that used to be televised.

We often play our own version of the televised game when family and friends are gathered, and it ends up being hilarious. Like when all players are supposed to write down a color. About half usually write red; most of the others typically write blue.

But one lone player will come up with something like teal or black or pink. No matches there.

Or name something you might buy.  Several people might write clothes or a car or various other things.  If one player happens to select vacuum cleaner, it's pretty much a given that there won't be a match. 

The object, of course, is to score the most points by having the highest number of matches at the end of the game. It’s a simple game that sounds boring but is actually fun.

What’s not fun is the version I keep playing and losing.

It involves trying to match up The Duppster’s socks after taking them out of the dryer. Like I said, I always lose.

I’ve never seen the winner – the hidden “someone” who takes individual socks out of the dryer, then hides them,  never to be seen again.

Aside from always having an uneven number after the drying cycle, there’s still the unbelievable chore of matching up the socks that made it through.

Do you know how many different shades of navy blue exist in this world? Well, I don’t know either, but however many there are, The Duppster found ‘em all!

Not only that, he’s found a dark, dark navy blue that is extremely close to black, but not close enough to be an exact match.

Finally, when I occasionally find exact color matches, I end up having one sock with thin lines and another with thick lines. Or one with ribbing and one without. Or maybe I find matching patterns, but, once again, mismatched colors.

There’s a whole lot of effort involved in matching up these socks.

If you ever run into The Duppster and you’re surprised to see him in a button-down shirt with a tie, a blazer and shorts, just know it’s because I want somebody to see that he has on matching socks!

~                            ~                           ~


The Retired One said...

LOL..isn't THAT the truth?
I once saw in a catalog these little circle-shaped discs in which you place a PAIR of dirty socks together BEFORE you wash them and dry them...so they never separate.
I should have ordered them.Of course, at our house, no one would have taken the time to put the dirty socks into them anyway. No wonder they weren't a world-wide hit, everyone else is too lazy to use them too!

Syd said...

Yes, who steals those socks?

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