How Do YOU Say It????

Here we go again!

Last week we talked about Southern sayings, or perhaps that should be sayin’s. Once again, let’s take a look at some phrases – just ‘cause I’m wondering how you do your communicatin’.

What about that thing you use in the grocery store? Do you call it a buggy or a cart? I’m told that one of those is strictly Southern.

After the trip to the grocery store or market, how do you get those purchases inside? Do you tote them or carry them, or, better yet, wait on someone else to do the work?

When driving, do you slow up or slow down? Maybe you never do either one, you speedster.

At the elevator, some folks push a button while others say they mash the button or hit the button.

Then there’s that light switch issue. Do you switch on the light, cut on the light or turn on the light? The same possibilities apply to the TV and to many other appliances and electronic devices.

What’s the difference in cleaning up and just cleaning? Mopping up and mopping? Sweeping up and sweeping? (Yes, I know: there are those who talk only of “sweeping out” – meaning getting rid of all incumbents in office.)

Now, after getting those groceries inside and getting the house clean, are you done, or through, or maybe finished?

This is all I’m writin’ this time, so I’m either done, through or finished!

                             Take your pic, honey-chil’.



Sandee said...

1. Cart
2. Carry
3. Down
4. Push
5. Turn on the light
6. Cleaning, sweeping or mopping
7. Finished.

That was fun. Have a terrific day. :)

Gianetta said...

And my favorite: Crank or start the car.

Syd said...

I say a mixture of these. Good stuff, Sherry!
Have you been following the Patriot's Point debacle?

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