Ugly & Funny Hats: Ready for THE Wedding

My hats are ready and waiting for THE wedding (you know which one; it's Prince William & Kate.)  I guess my hats are my ladies-in-waiting. 

Of course, I haven't yet received my invitation and it's getting awfully late, don't you think? 

Some of these hats are just as ugly as the ones the royals wear. 

Years ago, daughter Mandy and friends had fun trying on hats.

Last December, some friends from church also "played dress-up" with hats.

This past weekend, just-turned-three-year-old grandson Harrison had fun with the hats also.  He said this one had a cast net on it.  Of course, we women usually call the cast net a veil.

*             *              *             *


Patricia Rockwell said...


You have way too many hats! Can you spare just one?

Think With Your Taste Buds - Chicken said...

I LOVE hats. All kinds of hats. I have just one problem. They look like poop on me. I envy anyone who can wear them.

Syd said...

You are the Imelda Marcos of hats, Sherry. I have not seen so many.

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