Oops! Things I Had Forgotten

Last week, I quickly remembered some things I had forgotten.

I was in Murrells Inlet taking care of my two grandsons – almost three-year-old Harrison and 10-week-old Fisher. It took only a 24-hour period for me to realize why God created women in such a way as to end child-bearing years before women are my age!

One of the things I had forgotten was how important it is to go quickly when changing a boy baby’s diapers. I was sprayed twice in three minutes! Diaper-changing time is not a time to play “goo-goo-goo” with baby, at least not between diapers.

Nor is it a good time to play “goo-goo-goo” when baby is ready for his bottle. When he’s hungry, he is not in the mood to smile. Babies can be extremely goal-oriented.

I also quickly remembered that if the two children are ever sleeping at the same time, quickly do anything you need or want to do. That little block of time is when the adult showers, dresses, cooks, sleeps, returns phone calls, checks e-mail, reads Facebook, etc. Yes, everything in a short time frame.

I had also forgotten that days are spent wearing clothes infused with the aroma of “eau de spit-up.”

Through Harrison, I realized (again) that toddlers repeat what they hear. I’m still holding my breath on this one.

He also reminded me that little boys have an unending supply of energy, enthusiasm and inquisitiveness – and that grandmas don’t.

Harrison made me think about the various names grandparents are called. New grandparents often wonder what they will be called: Nana, Granny, Pops, Poppa or whatever. Harrison calls me “Puff,” but last week he often used “Puffy.”

No, neither name is very flattering, but it doesn’t matter. Every time Harrison says my name, I am reminded of how fortunate I am to have two healthy and wonderful grandsons.

Smelling of “eau de spit-up” is an aroma of love. I’m happy to wear it any time.

~       ~        ~        ~


Unknown said...

Smiles. It's amazing how soon we forget!

The Retired One said...

You are so blessed!! They are beautiful children!

Anonymous said...

Ah yes. The reason only the young can breed! I can't remember how I ever had the energy to do it ONCE!

Another reason grandchildren are a blessing. They make us appreciate not being pregnant!

Syd said...

I think that you have a hard job. Dealing with children is both a joy and a trial.

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