Memory Day????

In case you missed it, Monday was National Memory Day.

Memory Day isn’t an observance like Memorial Day or Labor Day. It’s a time to concentrate on your own memory, I think. Or perhaps it’s a time of recollection and memories.

Ah, memories. I’ve got lots of those. And the strange thing is that when I start recalling times gone by, I remember the good times, the good things, the fun times. This doesn’t mean there haven’t been some times that weren’t quite so pleasant or fun-filled, but somehow, as I think back, the good memories flow first.

However, if Monday’s special day was to celebrate one’s own memory, I’m beginning to think I’m sadly missing out. My memory seems to be fading in and out.

I open the refrigerator door, but can’t remember why.

Or perhaps I’m heading home and realize I need to run into the grocery store. Then, once inside, I can’t remember what it was I needed.

Sometimes I’m driving and miss a turn, simply because I forget where I’m going.

Another frequent memory problem occurs when I’m in the kitchen. A pound cake recipe may call for six eggs. In the midst of adding the eggs to the mixture in the bowl, I can’t remember how many I’ve already put in – unless I take the exact number out of the carton and put the carton in the refrigerator, away from the ones I’m using.

These are just a few of the typical examples.

Oh, yes, there’s one more. (See? I almost forgot.)

One morning, as I went to warm up something to use in fixing breakfast, I opened the microwave door. That’s when I found the beans I had warmed up to go with dinner the night before!



Sandee said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one. I was getting a bit worried. I'll relax now.

Have a terrific day. :)

Personalized Sketches and Sentiments said...

Hm...I am right there with ya :o) Oh and thankgoodness for photos and videos to look back on and recall great moments!
oh dear! I barely make my one post a week (and the last two weeks have had to be reposts!) and then get around to return visits from my posts and maybe get to stop by to some blogs that I hadnt visited in a while!

Anywho...hope you all are doing well!

Blessings & Aloha!
(you are still on my sidebar, so that I can *remember* where to find ya :o)

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