Somebody's Got It Right!!!

Well, thank goodness, somebody’s got it right!

In a recent news conference involving Wal-Mart executives and First Lady Michelle Obama, Wal-Mart announced that it would start selling healthier food products.

Not only is the giant retailer planning to have healthier choices available for shoppers, it also plans to make those healthy foods more affordable.

I say, “Hurrah.”

But my cheers aren’t specifically for Wal-Mart or for Michelle Obama or even for healthy foods. My cheers are for the concept.

What concept? It’s the idea that private industries and businesses can take positive steps to benefits consumers without being forced to do so by the government.

Although it’s a concept that we seem to have lost in recent history, I believe it’s the real “American way.”

I’ve always believed that government is not supposed to be the answer to every question, the solution to every problem. Government involvement, also known as government interference, should be a last resort, if used at all. Government assistance and government regulations shouldn’t be the first response to our needs and problems.

As someone once said, “A government big enough to give you everything you want is big enough to take away everything you have.”

It seems that if business and industry didn’t have to spend so much time and jump through so many hoops to meet government regulations, there would be much more creativity and innovation in meeting needs and challenges.

It’s a concept worth bringing back, don’t you think?

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Sandee said...

The other thing is that you may make things healthier, but consumers may not buy into that healthier and shop elsewhere where they can get the junk they want. I've see that happen right here in my community. If we go to Ceres the healthier choices are few. In Turlock you can get all the healthy things you need.

I so agree about the government sticking their noses into our business way too much. I don't like it one bit.

Have a terrific day. :)

Gianetta said...

I do think it is a great way to start doing things. Working together? Who would have thunk it?

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