Lindsay, Michael, Brian, Matt and More

This is what my oldest daughter, Tiffany (pictured on the left), posted on Facebook several days ago: Can you believe the news coverage being given to a spoiled 20-something this week? Lindsay WHO? Here are a few 20-somethings worth knowing about: Justin Allen, 23; Brett Linley, 29; Matt Weikert, 29; Justus Bartett, 27; Dave Santos, 21; Chase Stanley, 21; Jesse Reed, 26; Matt King, 23; Chris Goeke, 23; and, Sheldon Tate, 27. These 20-somethings gave their lives for you this week.
Tiffany hit the proverbial nail on the head, didn’t she? Where ARE our values? Far more people know the name of Lindsay Lohan than the names of those young members of the military who made the ultimate sacrifice.

Has the loss of life in the military become something that is just a number, just a statistic in the news? And are our values as a society such that we idolize celebrities like Lindsay Lohan?

Similarly, does the name of Brian Bradshaw ring a bell for you? No? He was the 24-year-old soldier who was killed in Afghanistan on the same day Michael Jackson died – June 25, 2009. A Pacific Lutheran University graduate, Bradshaw was, according to his aunt, "…a search-and-rescue volunteer, an altar boy, a camp counselor … [who] carried the hopes and dreams of his parents willingly on his shoulders. What more than that did Michael Jackson do or represent that earned him memorial 'shrines,' while this soldier's death goes unheralded?"

I am not questioning Michael Jackson’s talent or that of Lindsay Lohan. What I question is the attention given to them and the lack of attention to our young people who are true heroes.


Sandee said...

The world is upside down. I am so with you on this. We don't even have television as these Hollywood types are all the rage. No. They. Aren't. Not in our household.

Very well said honey. We are so with you on this one.

Have a terrific day. :)

Sarge Charlie said...

This is an excellent post Sherry, they are just numbers, I see us getting back to 1968-1969 when we were called "Baby Killers" I feel so bad about what is happening.

Airman Mom has a simular post today.

Syd said...

War isn't popular and doesn't provide the "escapism" that most of the public wants. So they focus on celebrities and their problems. Anything to avoid what is really happening. Did you realize that most people don't read a newspaper or even listen to news? Appalling.

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