PH: Memorial

This week's Photo Hunt is memorial, so I've posted a few pictures from here in Summerville that seem appropriate for the theme and for this weekend. 

Here is the George Washington Bicentennial Memorial tree (or at least a part of the tree.)

Flags flying in front of Summerville Town Hall.

And, from inside O'Lacy's in Summerville, a poignant reminder:

Whatever the war, wherever in the world, let us never forget!


Carver said...

Great choices for the memorial theme. I hope you have a great Memorial Day weekend.

Rebecca Ramsey said...

Nice photos. :)
Happy weekend!

jams o donnell said...

An excellent choice for the theme. Net us never, ever forget whenever we remember our war dead

Syd said...

Good photos! Hope you have a good Memorial Day and a memorable one.

Scott Law said...

Sorry I am late getting to your PhotoHunt post. So important that we remember how we got to be the great nation that we are. Great take on this week's theme and have a super weekend.

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