NOT a Trivial Matter?

Warning: This post is not for prudish or straight-laced folks.
You see, The Duppster has been at it again.
Here’s the story:
I host trivia at a local establishment on Thursday nights. We have loads of fun playing, but, quite often, we are faced with the realization of how much we used to know that we can no longer remember.

We also learn new things. I probably find out the most new information because I have to do a whole lot of research to come up with the questions. Those questions don’t just fall out of thin air, you know?

Since this is a blog for readers of all ages a/k/a a family-friendly blog, I’m changing one word to a phrase, but, otherwise, the final question that was asked last week in the crowded room was this: “According to studies, weight loss increases the size of a certain part of the male anatomy. What is the ratio of increased size in terms of inches gained to pounds lost?”

Bear in mind that I didn’t do this research and I don’t know how many people were studied.

No team had the correct answer on that particular question; perhaps that’s a good thing, huh?

Anyway, the right answer is 1 inch gained for every 35 pounds lost.

And when Dupp heard the answer, he immediately got up and started doing jumping jacks, right there in front of everybody!

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Syd said...

He is a funny fellow. Did it work???

The Retired One said...

hhahaaaa..he sounds like a great guy!
If I was on your team, I would have known this...from Dr.Oz on the Oprah show!

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