THIRK Thursday

THIRK Thursdays are things-that-irk-me Thursdays.  There's a different little annoyance or pet peeve each Thursday. 

Today there are two for the price of one, and both usually occur at the table. 

I absolutely cannot stand it when someone talks with a mouth full of food - or even with a little bit of food in the mouth.  It's gross and it's terribly impolite.  Of course, there's an exception: if there's a fire, go ahead and yell, "Fire!"  Otherwise, don't talk with food in the mouth.

The second one is smacking.  That's a little annoyance as well. 

I read about a company executive who always took promising job applicants to lunch.  He made his final hiring decisions based on table manners.  He probably didn't like these two habits either.

Do these bother you?

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Syd said...

I don't like for people to spit food at me when they are eating. It comes flying out. I also cannot deal with bad breath. It is not only irksome but just nasty.

Sherry, I decided to go with inspirational Thursday today. I guess I'm into accentuating the positives and not the irksome things.

The Retired One said...

Yes!! That bothers me too...and no one, NO ONE should ever chew gum in public...it is just gross. I have had job applicants come in for interviews chomping and chewing gum too. It is disgusting!

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