Ready to Celebrate?

There are some celebrations that I’d just rather not be a part of. Know what I mean?

For example, March is “Adopt A Rescued Guinea Pig Month.” More power to those who participate; that’s just not my thing.

It’s also “National On-Hold Month.” I have no idea about details. Is it to celebrate being put on hold when you call a business, government agency, doctor’s office, lawyer’s office or even an individual? In my little ol’ opinion, that’s not something to celebrate or even to be happy about.

March is also “National Clean Up Your IRS Month.” Is that a message being sent to us as individuals or is that a message we’re sending TO the government? I vote for the latter; what about you?

Another observance during this third month of the year is “National Craft Month.” That’s one I celebrate but only because I truly appreciate and admire those folks who are so talented in the area of arts and crafts. I’m just not a crafty person. Wish I were, but I’m not. Maybe when the good Lord was giving us options, I volunteered for laughs instead of crafts.

Which brings to one of very favorite reasons to laugh and make merry: this is “International Mirth Month” and “Humorists Are Artists Month.” I’m a strong believer in the power of humor and laughter. Sometimes I even laugh when I shouldn’t. I just think most of us need to lighten up; we shouldn’t take ourselves so seriously.

Yes, I know these are difficult times, but for most of us, there’s a least one reason to laugh every day – even if it’s just looking in the mirror!

You want to feel better? Take a one-minute break right now and laugh out loud. Make yourself really laugh. I dare you!

Or, click here.  Perhaps this guy can help you laugh!
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Sandee said...

I laugh out load numerous times each day.

Have a terrific day. :)

Syd said...

It's good to have some humor these days.

Willy said...

As you say Willy starts each day with a laugh looking in the mirror. Willy does not laugh on the put on hold thing though.

Just saying

10-4 Willy

Anonymous said...


Personalized Sketches and Sentiments said...

How do you find these things? Thanks for passing all these interesting facts along :o)

Keep laughing!
Blessings & Aloha!

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