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Whew!  It's been ages since I "blogged" on this site.  I was definitely tempted but really had to buckle down and study hard for the grueling, excruciating, horrendous three-day SC bar exam.  Either I took it or it took me last Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. 

Now, I'm back at "EX Marks the Spot" - just in time for weekly Photo Hunt, hosted by http://www.tnchick.com/. She picks a one-word theme for each Saturday.  Then the loads of bloggers (usually anywhere from 100 to about 400, I think) who participate post one or more pictures to fit the theme.  It is always interesting to visit various sites and see the different interpretations of the one-word theme.

This week the theme is "daily."  That's appropriate, because I used to blog daily and hope to return to doing so, now that the studying and exams are behind me.

This is a daily habit.  I know it's not a good habit but it's with me just the same.  I start each day with a diet Coke.  Not only is it a daily habit, it's a several-times-daily habit!

A daily shower is so relaxing. 

This is something I try to avoid on a daily basis. 

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RJ Flamingo said...

Good luck on the bar exam! I'm sure you did very well. :-) I'm totally with you re: the bathroom scale. ;-)

jams o donnell said...

AH the daily shower and the daily avoidance of the scales... me too! Have a great weekend

jams o donnell said...

AH the daily shower and the daily avoidance of the scales... me too! Have a great weekend

Carver said...

Great ideas for the daily theme. I found this one hard so fun seeing what everyone did. Congratulations of taking the bar exam. I know you're glad to have that behind you.

sally said...

Welcome Back Sherry, I am so in awe of you after all you have already accomplished-and now the Bar exam. You go girl! What a great role model you are. Hope our young ladies are paying attention to you and what you have accomplished.

Unknown said...

Jill would agree with you about the scales. Personally, I try not to thing about it.

Personalized Sketches and Sentiments said...

So, wait, did you take your 3 day exams this past Mon, Tues, And Weds? If so, yahoo! I am sure you did very well!

Blessings & Aloha!
(oh, please excuse me if I have already told you this! Goodness, gracious! I really have a hard time remembering?!? Hm...I think I might need a notebook or cork board with a list of my blog comings and goings! Anywhoo...I have an award (aka blog hog) for you at my place. And even if you have had this passed on to you before, I just wanted to let you know that I was thinking of ya!)

Scott Law said...

Yeh I wondered what happened to our Ex PhotoHunt blogger. I have to admit I'm with you on all three of those things. Sorry I'm a day late getting to your post, but great take on the theme.

Unknown said...

Glad you're back and definitely good luck on the bar exam. I'm with you on the daily coke, except mine is of the regular kind.

Personalized Sketches and Sentiments said...

just..checking back on some of my fav blog reads (have to do this when I can...kinda do these marathon blog reading ventures once a week).

Hope all is well!
Blessings & Aloha!
(if you get a chance I would love for you to take a peek at my post about the TOMS shoe event that our son organized at his university last weekend adn the fun video invite he created for it.)

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