WW: Another Sign of the Times?

I saw this sign at a nearby intersection this morning.

I'm just wondering: if the trees are reduced, are the prices reduced also?

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Corrie Howe said...

This is too funny. Tell me if you find "reduced" or small trees.

Yesterday I was driving down the road and saw a tiny little car. In the window said, "Actual size". I wished I wasn't driving so I could get a picture and post it.

Anonymous said...

...they were reduced. To a stump.

The prices, on the other hand... seem to have gone the other way.

Sandee said...

You made me laugh out loud with that one. We blondes really think differently don't we.

have a terrific day. :)

kayerj said...

that's funny--I wonder if they used a wood chipper and are now selling mulch?

Auntie E said...

Now that funny. Happy WW

Syd said...

I was just thinking yesterday about how sad it is that so many trees are cut down and many will be "left over". It seems such a waste of good tree life.

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