PH: Fast. Yes, Too Fast.

Fast.  That's the theme for this week's Photo Hunt, and  I'm posting a rather strange take on the theme.

This is a sunset I saw while driving earlier this week.  It seemed almost red in some places.  December sunsets are so beautiful, and this one was gone too fast.

And this is "The Dawg."  Christmas Day will mark six months since he died.  Like the December sunset, he was gone too fast.  We had such a short time together, but that time was wonderful! 

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Carver said...

This was a very touching take on the theme. Sunsets and time with loved ones often do go so fast.

jams o donnell said...

That is such a poingant post Sherry. Our time is so short and passes so fast.

YTSL said...

Definitely agree that December sunsets happen real fast -- so good on you for taking such a great photo of one.

Re the Dawg: I get the very distinct feeling that you guys had some great years together before his passing away. So you have plenty of fond memories to remember him with and by.

Rebecca Mecomber said...

Yes, both sunsets and loved ones go too fast.

Have a blessed Christmas-- take photos of your adorable Harrison for us!

Mrs. Mecomber

Anonymous said...

Too many sunset, and friends, go by fast.

Anonymous said...

wonderful take on the theme. thank you for sharing.

Mine's up: http://cybercoven.org/wordpress/?p=918

Cats~Goats~Quotes said...

I agree with Carver. Very touching. It must be a hard time of year for you.

Sandee said...

Better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all. You were most fortunate to have The Dawg in your life. Bless you this Christmastime.

Have a great weekend. Big hug. :)

kayerj said...

I am so sorry--time with a loved one does go by way too fast. Love your sunset.

Syd said...

Sherry, I know that this Christmas must be hard. Bless you and the Dawg. I'm sure that he is with you in spirit.

Corrie Howe said...

My prayers are with you...especially since my father had a heart attack six months ago and we almost lost him. Interestingly, my entire family is making the effort to be together for Christmas this year.

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