The Proposal. This is Not About the Movie

There’s a movie out called “The Proposal.” This is not about the movie, although I enjoyed the movie. How can you not enjoy Betty White???

The movie, though, made me start thinking about proposals. Over the years, I’ve heard about some very creative proposals and some very romantic ones.

One person asked his girlfriend to marry him on a billboard; another used a scoreboard at a ballgame. Yet another used a message behind a small advertising airplane. Another proposed on a Christmas ornament.

Since it hasn’t been that long ago, I remember well how Carroll a/k/a The Dawg asked me to marry him.

We were in a car, driving on I-26. What follows is the conversation:

Carroll: If I asked you to marry me, would you say “yes”?
Sherry: Is that a proposal?
Carroll: No.
Sherry: Oh, well.
Carroll: I don’t want to ask you unless you’re going to say “yes”; I don’t want to be turned down.
Sherry: Oh.
Carroll: I’ve never asked anyone to marry me before; I’ve never proposed to anyone.
Sherry: Well, maybe you ought to give it a try.
Carroll: Um, okay. Will you marry me?
Sherry: Yes.
(brief pause)
Carroll: Do you know what time the Braves play tonight?

How’s that for romantic?


Sandee said...

I think it's very romantic. Are you saying he'd never been married before? Sounds that way. What a love story you two had. I can just tell.

Have a terrific day. :)

Speedcat Hollydale said...

CLASSIC !!!!!!!!!!

Euroangel said...

interesting and very romantic...thanks for sharing that memorable photo of yours! so sweet!

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