Plants That Can't Be Killed? Yeah, Right!

So, yesterday I saw a headline on the Internet that caught my attention: “Twelve Plants You Can’t Kill.”

Plants that can’t be killed? Now, that’s something that really intrigued me. I quickly clicked on the headline to get the whole story.
I read through the information about all 12 plants. What I figured out at the end is that these plants have not met me!
There’s just no possible way plants can stay alive under my care.

Several years ago, we moved into a home which was surrounded by loads and loads of azaleas, roses, camellias, wisteria and more. They were lush and had been there a long, long time. They were still there when I moved out, but that’s primarily because I never touched them! I looked at them, I admired them, I photographed them – but I never, ever touched them. That most certainly would have been the touch of death.

Family members used to joke that even artificial plants and flowers didn’t last around me. And, believe me, it takes some kind of doing to kill an artificial flower!
One time, just to have some greenery around, I put weeds into a planter. Even the weeds died!

Oh, wait; I have indeed found one type of plant that I don’t kill. It’s called kudzu!
I couldn’t kill the kudzu nor could I find anyone else who knew how to kill it. Kudzu takes over flowers, bushes, trees – anything in its way.

The fact that I can “grow” kudzu doesn’t give me a green thumb or anything close to it.
Maybe I’ll put those twelve plants that can’t be killed to the test. Anyone want to place a bet???


Sandee said...

So you don't have a green thumb. Bwahahahaha. Don't feel like you're alone, because you aren't.

Have a terrific day. :)

Patricia Rockwell said...

Oh, my! We are kindred spirits! I once killed an entire row of lemon trees single handed!

Bo said...

Hiya Sherry...oh, you are so right about that awful, awful kudzu...we had to deal with that when we briefly lived in Alabama...Hate that stuff...Okay, I'm going to "yodel" hello from a mountain top in Colorado to your daughter, SIL & grandson...Smiles, ;-) Bo

Janice said...

Hi Sherry,I'm the same, plants wither as I pass by,I can kill cactus. I'm the gardeners equivelant of Typhoid Mary

Unknown said...

When we had our house, I could grow just about anything outdoors. My husband could grown things indoors. But if I touched those indoor plants, it was the kiss of death.

Kudzu is un-killable! I heard that if you take the dormant vine and make it into a basket, then it gets wet, it would start to grow. Creepy!

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