Yucky, Yucky, Yucky!

There’s just nothing like having to go to the emergency room in the middle of the night.
Okay, so it wasn’t the middle of the night; it was 4:30 am.
I was throwing up. I won’t share all of the yucky details but there was some blood.
This, I thought, required a trip to ER. I was weak and didn’t want to call someone and then wait for a ride. So, immediately after the second wave of yuck, I got in the car and went to ER.
I signed in at 5:11 am.
Now, if you want to get taken out of the waiting room promptly, just keep throwing up. You get moved to the area where the nurses and doctors are!
I kept throwing up all over myself, which was okay, I guess, because I still had on my nightgown and robe, which could be easily washed back at home.
It was about 5:45 when I was given one of those delightful hospital gowns. You know the kind; they open in the back. Still, it was clean. The nurse said she’d return momentarily to start the IV.
She didn’t. I finally got that around 6:30.
Who knows? Maybe that was momentarily in hospital time, but it wasn't momentarily in nausea time.
Anyway, after about 3 ½ hours of IV, anti-nausea medication, blood work and such, I was told I could go home.
It wasn’t until the nurse told me I could get dressed that I realized the only clothes I had with me were the nightgown and robe. The same ones that were now yucky.
And that’s what I had to put back on to drive home.

Now THAT is yucky!


Syd said...

I'm glad that you are okay. What was the problem? A virus like flu? Or was it food poisoning?

Sandee said...

Yes, that's yucky alright. I hope you are feeling okay now.

Have a terrific, nausea free day. :)

Patricia Rockwell said...

This happened to me back in December. I was too embarrassed to blog about it or even tell my family (except, of course Hubby who was there). You are one brave lady! First you go through all this--then you blog about it!

Rebecca Ramsey said...

Oh you poor thing!
I'm so sorry!
I say you should treat yourself to a new nightgown!

Kristi said...

What a nightmare! When I went into labor for my first son, my water broke out in public so when we got to the hospital,. we threw all of my clothes in the garbage. When the nurse asked where my clothes were, she was shocked when I told her I threw them away.

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