What a Revival!!!

I guess you could call it a revival of some sort.

About a week or so ago, The Dawg learned from some financial institution or organization that he was dead. Not only was he dead when he talked to them, apparently he had been for some time – a few years, in fact.

He assured them that he was not dead and that he was speaking to them in real time and from the very same world they were in as opposed to some other world out there.

Alas, this was all to no avail. He was told they would check into his claim of real-life existence and get back to him with the information.

Unfortunately, The Dawg said that if they could revive him, it might take 30 days to do so. At least that’s how long it was going to take them to report back to him about his status.

Can you imagine 30 days of pinching yourself, thinking, "Yes, I'm here. I'm alive" but not really knowing?

Luckily, it didn’t take them quite that long. Yesterday The Dawg got a letter informing him that he was – and is - alive.

Boy, don’t you know that was some kind of relief!?!?!?!


Rebecca Ramsey said...

How crazy. You just can't make this stuff up!

Sandee said...

And we want bigger government? Here's exactly the way government works. Only this time it was a bit faster. I'm glad the Dawg is alive and well.

Have a terrific day and weekend. :)

Patricia Rockwell said...

I hope he wasn't charged estate taxes during his untimely absence.

Unknown said...


june said...

Great takes on the theme!

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