WARNING: Don't Read If You Adore Courtroom TV!!

WARNING: Don’t read this if you just absolutely adore - and believe in – those TV shows that take place in a courtroom as a real-life TV judge pronounces judgments.

Quite often when I’m working at the computer, I have a TV on for the sake of background noise. If one of those court shows comes on, I usually change the channel. That’s how much they get on my nerves.

Well, today the remote wasn’t nearby, and I was either working too hard, concentrating too much or just too lazy to get up to find the remote or to change the channel.

Having served in a judicial capacity for 12 years, I’m totally amazed these judges keep straight faces when listening to some of the cases.

Today, a man and woman were seeking a divorce. The first red flag, at least to me, was that they became high school “sweethearts” because she was attracted to the electronic monitoring device he was wearing!

Don’t get me wrong. I know that lots of people make mistakes in high school and then go on to lead productive lives and become upstanding citizens. Forgiveness and rehabilitation are wonderful things. But to be attracted to someone because he’s wearing a monitoring device from the prison system? No, I don’t get that.

They decided to get married when she was pregnant with their second child, I believe.

At some point, he apparently went back to prison. Once out, he told her he wanted an “open marriage.” Why, you ask. Well, it seems that she became more interested in females for her sexual relationships while he was “away.” For him, I guess that’s a pretty good reason for wanting an open marriage – if you want a marriage at all!

He called her a tri-sexual. When asked what that meant, he answered that she would TRY anything!

Finally, he admitted to his own share of problems. When asked if he was receiving counseling or talking to someone, he said he was; he was talking to himself!

They got their divorce.

Sounds like a pretty easy decision to me!


HumorSmith said...

I hate those shows also. That couple should not be allowed to inhabit the same planet. Actually I'm not so sure they are.

Sandee said...

It's a shame they were allowed to breed. Just saying. You see why I don't have television? This is why.

Have a terrific day. :)

skywind said...

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Bo said...

Hi Sherry...oh shoot...they're divorced? I was looking forward to seeing them on the Jerry Springer show...LOL ;-) Bo

Rebecca Ramsey said...

Ooh boy. You just can't make this stuff up.

JudyBug said...

We live in a crazy world don't we? I do believe it gets crazier each day...and people are willing to show their insanity for the world to see!

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